Finding the way


Here are some people who’ve helped me along with way:,,, and  Okay, that’s enough to make my point.  When I made this decision to be a writer, I had just come off of a run of reading non-fiction and when I picked up my first fiction book in a few years, it happened to be Catherine Coulter.  Not being conditioned yet, I sent her an email. It’s in the back of her book, see? So I thought why not ask her what I should do to become a writer just like her. Catherine Coulter wrote back which was the biggest surprise of all. Her advice was for me to join Romance Writers of America where I could learn more about this business. So, that’s link #2.  I flew off to Dallas, Texas, for my first ever romance writer’s conference and it was a lot to take in.  More on that later.  But one great thing that came from my experience there was that I met Doreen Lewis (check her out)  who was the person who introduced me to Paul Bagdon and Paul was the person who taught me that while I may live in a cliché (Newfoundland – ever listen to the dialogue?) – I do not need it in my writing.

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