You Can’t Learn To Be Funny


But you can move to Newfoundland which is the next best thing. When I moved back home I was immersed in the kaleidoscope that is our culture. And if you can’t take a joke, this is not the place to live.  When “they” stereo-typed Newfoundlanders, they got one thing wrong. We’re not witless… we are, in fact, quite witty and quick of tongue. If you can keep a straight face in a room filled with Newfies we’d prefer you’d stay home, you’re not our kind of people. I’m a romance writer with a comedic bent. I think it’s bred into me. Take our language, for example. Are we or are we not a distinct culture? Cripers, we couldn’t even decide on an accent so we incorporated them all into our language.  And only a quick mind can keep up with the pace of our speech.  As far as understanding what we mean when we talk, well, that would take a cultural induction.  We are a funny people.  Sometimes we dress funny, we definitely talk funny and we paint our houses funny, too. But since this is not a tourism blog for The Rock, back to my point. Does humour come naturally to some more than others? Is it a cultural influence that makes us witty? Or can we indeed learn to be funny? Honestly, I think humour is a distinct ethos just like Newfoundland. You either got or you don’t.

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