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You must allow the Java script to watch this video clip. Denver Colorado - Dozens of volunteers pay their Tuesday night to develop skateboards for low-income students in Denver. It is the main 'Can'd Assist Foundation', a company created as an instant reaction to the devastating ravages of 2013 that were prevalent in many areas of northern Colorado, such as Longmont and Lyons. "Can'd Assist aims to disperse people in neighborhoods, music, treads and hiking trails throughout the country," said DianaRalston, a member of the inspiration. On Thursday, volunteers gathered at Denver's Stoney's Bar and Bbq Grill to help build skateboards. They plan to distribute their clothing and headgear to low-income students as part of the fourth quality class at Denver's Dora Moore Elementary School on Friday morning. So far, Can'd Aid has donated more than 2,100 bicycles to Grade 1 students across the country. Find out more about the foundation by clicking here. . Skateboards X Classicism

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