Very best Motorcycle Lids: Our Recommendations for Keeping Safe and sound When You Trip

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The 32 players of the National Football League who beat the types of helmets of the last season not allowed by the category, as well as the National Association of the National Football League, could not not be that kind of choice. next season. The term "grandfather" allowing players to use prohibited types of helmets has come to an end. Players of the National Football League will be invited to wear much better headgear during the 2019 season. "Forbidden hairstyles are not granted in place of lockers," Jeff Burns, the NFL's executive v. p. protection projects, mentioned on Friday. "A player is not allowed in the game [wearing such a helmet]." Any team that voluntarily allows a new player to use a banned helmet may be subject to self-discipline, Burns said throughout a business call with reporters during which the National Football League officials Helmet helmets at helmetsguide and the NFLPA published the result with their latest circular. laboratory testing related to the mutual protection of effects on hairstyles. Mary Brady is supposedly among the players who should change the type of helmet. Brady wore a licensed helmet for part of the last season, but apparently turned to his old product, the Riddell VSR-4 helmet, which is on the banned headwear list. "I've used something in a certain way for a while, so I like the peripheral view as much as I can," said Brady, in agreement with Boston. the Internet. NFL players, including "Everything is regulated, all of that is important - so, yes, make sure it's a bit like what expertise has always been." The National Football League and the NFLPA are in their fifth year of selecting different types of helmets to analyze where they have "withstood effects similar to those of a player experienced in the game," said Jeff Crandall , general manager of the league's engineering committee.

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