The Art of the Deal


Life is supposed to be fun. Based on this premise, writing should be fun, too. And so should reading. In fact, reading is so much fun that at times it gets in the way of writing which is probably why my shelves are filled with books and more books. Reading is way more fun than writing. Well, that’s not entirely true but it sure is a lot easier. Besides fiction, I’ve got books on how to write, rewrite, get it right, get right down to it and I think they could possibly be standing between me and getting the job done. I’m not a procrastinator by any means but I’ve allowed those twisted tendrils of doubt to weave between the waves of my red hair. It’s called conditioning, not conditioner. I’m conditioned to think that getting published might be impossible, the proverbial Catch 22 – no agent no deal and no deal no agent. But yet, Chapters Indigo is filled with books so someone’s getting deals. Just not me. Yet. So that’s another thing I’m chasing down here: My adventures in publishing. I’ll be honest, I’ve looked at the self-publishing option. It just seems… well, easier. More fun, ya know? But then there is that stigma which sticks with me – oh, you couldn’t get a deal, eh? No, I’m not sure about that but what do you think? Does Kathryn go for the art of the deal or do I pursue the path of the self-published?

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