You Can’t Learn To Be Funny


But you can move to Newfoundland which is the next best thing. When I moved back home I was immersed in the kaleidoscope that is our culture. And if you can’t take a joke, this is not the place to live. 

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Link Like Crazy


Hmmmm… I love that line. Seriously, what does it make you think about? Okay, so I’m probably the only one who’s thinking sex but anyway, back to writing. There is a point to this blog.

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The Art of the Deal


Life is supposed to be fun. Based on this premise, writing should be fun, too. And so should reading. In fact, reading is so much fun that at times it gets in the way of writing which is probably why my shelves are filled with books and more books.

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She’s write funny…


I love comedy and I love writing and I love writing about crazy things that happen in my floating exotic island in the North Atlantic.

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